Recent Projects

During the month of March we had the pleasure of installing four paint circulating systems for Venture. The purpose of these systems is to maintain circulation of paint containing flake or solids during the application process. The systems are designed around a pressure differential between feed and return which promotes circulation as well as back pressure ensuring that when the spray gun is triggered that the fluid will first travel to the spray gun while the excess is circulated back to the supply vessel.
In these systems we have opted for the Triton diaphragm pumps which has neglegable surge during changeover and has more than adequate pressure and flow to feed two spray guns. All the Stainless steel tanks, stands and trays were specifically designed for the customers needs. Sizes and components may vary according to these needs.
We have recently been involved in the supply and installation of a Graco Uni- Drum tandem ram mount unit. The Uni-Drum supply system evacuates 300 gallon (1200 liter) magnadrums and other tote drums of the same size and capacity. The Uni-Drum pumps and transfers flowable and highly viscous materials such as sealant, adhesives, and sound deadeners from bulk drums with maximum efficiency.