Project History Overview
Since the company’s inception we have undertaken a number of projects which include the manufacturing and installation of various systems. 
Our core business revolves around the automotive sector which includes so called feeder businesses like Venture, Federal Mogul and  Feltex foam. Included in these would be the supply of Graco fluid handling equipment, service and installation thereof. Typical installation would include paint circulating systems, sealant application systems, adhesive application systems, filtration of related fluids, installation of respirator cabinets, installation of plural component spray application systems and electrostatic hand spray application systems.
In addition to the above we have been involved in such industries as wood finishing, lubrication, road marking, contracting, marine and general fluid transfer.
In essence, we are and have been involved in just about every market requiring processing, spraying, extruding, transfer etc. 
Many of the above projects have and do require additional supply and fabrication of cabinets, tanks, agitators and pipework which we are also able to offer as a service.