New Products
Like you, we want consumers to be completely satisfied with their investment in spray foam insulation and polyurea coatings. Graco’s goal is to provide equipment advancements that help you and your crews apply materials accurately, as the material suppliers intended. We want to help you grow your business. That’s why Graco developed the next generation in spray foam and polyurea technology – the Reactor 2.
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PROMIX 2Ks & 3
Introducing Graco’s line of Electronic proportioners!
ProMix® 2KS offers precise and reliable electronic proportioning for a broad range of solvent borne, waterborne, and acid catalyzed materials. From entry level to upgraded applications, the ProMix 2KS provides flexibility and increased efficiency.
New ProMix 3KS Upgrade
ProMix® 3KS offers precision mixing of three component materials. From manual or automatic operation, the ProMix 3KS provides optimized flushing sequences including a third flush option.
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LineLazer Series Airless Line Stripers
L I N E L A Z E R ™ I V
The simple field demand, is a better line quality! Graco systems are built with this objective in mind: 
“To design advanced striping solutions for unmatched line quality”.
Of course, Graco also adds plenty of new features and accessories to fully complete the LineLazer™ family for the professional striping contractor.